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The Yoga of Relationships

This school is naturally orientated towards the Left Hand path of Tantra that is primarily focused on the awakening of the Individual Self.

None the less, we receive requests from couples to support them in their expansion of their relationships.
Our work prioritizes the individual freedom over the social construct we call 'romantic relationships'.
However, we practice The Yoga of Relationship where we use the relationship as a tool and a practice to culture awareness and find liberation.

1. Self Study

If you'd like to deepen and explore your love affair from the comfort of your home, we suggest you start with the Self Study package, The Yoga of Sex.

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2. Sessions

With Olivia Krouwkam

If you are navigating rough water and would like some tools and guidance, we suggest you book a session with Olivia in-person or online.

Olivia is a very skilled practitioner in the Tantrik arts, the art of compassionate uncoupling,

and non-violent communication.


3. Personal Intensives

With Valentina Leo

This premium area is reserved for advanced practitioners with some ground awareness in the Tantrik approach to Love, Sex and Relating. If you are new to this work, a few sessions with Olivia are essential.


Personal Intensives are crafted according to the needs and requirements of students.

This is in essence a private retreat - a weekend,  week or a month.


Please note, this is by application only.

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