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Seasoned Seekers

These offerings are only available to you if you have worked with Valentina / Olivia before and you are well acquainted with the teachings of Valentina & the school

- feel free to explore these offerings:

Session Work

With Olivia Krouwkam

Olivia is a very skilled practitioner in the Tantrik arts, the art of compassionate uncoupling,

and non-violent communication.  She works intuitively, meaning she will work with what is needed and what is called for. The more clarity you have in what you want to work with, with more potent the session will be.


Session Work

With Valnetina Leo

In session I become your mirror and your tool to serve you best in what you need to see, to understand yourself, experience yourself and expand yourself.
My job is to support you into deep relaxation that will allow you to release any contraction/resistance to see into truth.
When you  truly relax into yourself, open and available love can naturally flow. When love flows, intuitive wisdom arises and our perception of reality expands.
From this place you will “heal” yourself. You will be able to live and create in this world just as the Cosmos does – in an endless expansive manifestation. 
I call this Endless Cosmic Orgasm. It’s where I come from.

I use a variety of tools, which include – but not limited to – meditation, transfiguration, elements of gestalt therapy, blissdance, breath-work,
touch work, deep movement, sexual shadow work, practices of presence and sexual embodiment. 
I use them as the moment dictates, according to my intuition and what you are bringing to the session (your personal enquiry)

The clearer your intention, the stronger the medicine.

Some sessions can involve nudity and physical contact others are just verbal and fully clothed. Some can even be silent.
Some are held in divine chaos (don’t ask!) some in nature, on the phone, in my session room,  others at the supermarket or in the bedroom.
Only one thing is common to all sessions: you are loved for who you are and not for what you do.

I work primarily with Seekers of Truth, and with Lovers that have lost their Loving.


3. Personal Intensives

With Valentina Leo

This premium area is reserved for advanced practitioners with some ground awareness in the Tantrik approach to Love, Sex and Relating. If you are new to this work, a few sessions with Olivia are essential.


Personal Intensives are crafted according to the needs and requirements of students.

This is in essence a private retreat - a weekend,  week or a month.


Please note, this is by application only.

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