"Absolutely Brilliant! I enjoyed every bit of your movie.

I wish all Humans could/should have the opportunity to watch it... starting at the ripe age of curiosity .

You brought a tear or 2 to my eyes. It was raw, real & full of richness.

Respect for your Courage & Beautiful Brave Heart."

" Sublime! Thank you for this work.

I was transfixed, transported and moved to tears. Thank you for sharing this with us. "

"This is so moving, thank you for sharing.

So many tears as different parts resonated with things I didn’t know I was missing and want to understand.It’s like a joyful ache."



A Transmission that will initiate you into the Tantrik Truths.

A powerful transmission on the teachings of Love, Life, Sex and Freedom.

Untamed and uncensored, entranced by the Dakini's passion,

Valentina pours her heart open and penetrates

your consciousness into a new level of understanding.

Pure Heart Knowing.

This is an experince that will expand your Consciousness.
And your Life.