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Live Transmission & Tandava Practice

Bliss is often confused with erotic pleasure. In Traditional Tantra, Bliss is understood as the sense of perfection and harmonious flow that is the Essence of Reality and the foundation of Creation. In the human experience, Bliss is the space in the Heart where we rest in between the polarities. 

How can we know the space of ecstatic joy when we do not know the anguish of disconnection? It is in this dance of the polarities that we find Harmony. Bliss is the restful place that holds the totality of who we are.


The session will start with a Live Transmission followed by a Tandava practice and a Q&A session if time allows.


Monday 9 May 2022



19:00 – 20:30 SAST (check your time zone here)






R155 | $10

Purchase your ticket HERE


Once you have purchased, you will receive the zoom link to access.

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