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#HOLYRANTS 002 - S€X begins in the Heart
Valentina Leo

#HOLYRANTS 002 - S€X begins in the Heart

Another one of my #HOLYRANTS on Tantric lovemaking. Have you ever heard of "Heart Arousal"? It's when sex begins in the Heart. Then your genitals become devoted servants of the expression of your Love. They are sacred tools for Human Consciousness to merge into its source : the Heart of Divine Consciousness. JOIN ME FOR AN ONLINE EXPERIENCE THE EROTIC HEART Friday 11 December 3 - 6pm (SAST/South African Time) R350 / $35 / €35 To register please EMAIL proof of payment to PAYPAL (USD & EURO ONLY) The Erotic Heart is the heart of the Mystic who gives it all . No half way. Not just dipping the toes in but diving head first, heart first, totally into the mystery . Willing to risk it all . Inspired by the poetry of Lalla & the teachings of the Red Yogini, we will be exploring the Heart of Consciousness . This Feminine throbbing, that births the dance of life. Meeting in deep vulnerability as the only way to open the heart. ========================== Email proof of payment to to register and receive zoom link & the recordings . ========================== Visit my websites and connect with me: Follow the Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom on FB: Listen to EROTIC WISDOM podcast with MrsLove: ITUNES: SPOTIFY: You can search EROTIC WISDOM with MrsLove on all the major podcast sites. #dakini #tantra #tanricsexuality #mrslove #holyrants

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