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Valentina is offering personal mentorship and private one-on-one support.


Whether you need support or wish to deepen your learning , seek guidance or looking for mentorship in your life, your vocation, your profession  and your spiritual path.

 Valentina is devoted to the teaching and learning of the tantrik current of Erotic Mysticism.

She share and teach in her signature animated style that exudes erotic wisdom.


Uncensored and untamed, she teaches the Yoga of Presence,

Unbounded Freedom and Mystical Union with the vast Emptiness of pure Space.

She is known for her honesty, sense of humour and the lightness she infuses in the transmission of deep teachings. She is a true Dakini of the Heart and a catalyzer for spiritual arousal and erotic awakening.

These sessions can also serve as guidance for teachers and practitioners in the field of Spiritual Awakenings, Sacred Sexuality & Tantra that are seeking mentorship, guidance and support in their own practice as well as in their personal life’s challenges .


These sessions are for sincere Seekers of Truth and Lovers that have lost their loving.

"There are no winners nor losers in Love.

If you feel like you are winning or losing, you are not in Love."

Yehoo Shalem 



In-person Sessions

Due to her travelling, Valentina has small windows of availability for in-person sessions 

At the moment she has availability until the end of May 2024 in Scarborough, Cape Town 


She is available for a Personal Intensive in Milano 14 to 16 JUNE 2024.


Please email: with the nature of your enquiry

as well as your WhatsApp number.

Valentina will then connect with you to arrange the next steps.

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