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27 – 30 May 2022 : Deep into Bliss


We start on Friday the 27th @ 5:30pm and end on Monday morning the 30th with brunch@10:30am 

(For the work to properly settle and integrate we highly recommend that you stay the whole duration until Monday morning. Nonetheless if you really have to, you can leave on Sunday before or after dinner, which means you will be missing 2 sessions)

A weekend of Dancing your Intimacy. You can attend as single or with your partner.
All genders and sexual orientations are welcome.
BlissDance is a playful opportunity for deepening your intimacy within an already existing relationship.

It's a great playground for exploring sacred monogamy or open relating .

What is this retreat about:


BLISSDANCE  is the Art of dancing the Sacred and Sensual as a movement of AWAKENING.
BlissDance is for those who are yearning for Presence, Freedom and Truth.

It is for the brave spiritual warriors who are not scared to dance their crazy wisdom

and the depth of their vulnerability.
It is the dance of TRUE INTIMACY with Self.


BlissDance is designed to facilitate:
- encountering and releasing "body armouring": our emotional  protection against feelings.
- connecting with your passionate, instinctual self while frolicking with glee.
- finding your centre and your authentic response to the presence of another.
- allowing movement to come from deep inner stillness
- intimate presence with ourselves and with others, in movement and in stillness, with music and with silence.
- becoming alert and aware of the texture at tapestry of your essence nature 
- and ultimately... moving into the oceanic experience of melting into the bigger body of life: Eternal Flowing Bliss!
Join us for this weekend of dance, explorations & revelations.





Includes all facilitation, delicious vegetarian meals & accommodation.


SHARING: R4800-00

**Single rooms at an additional fee of R1500-00 available on request, please enquire before paying.


Email Olivia: to receive payment details



VALENTINA LEO – (a.k.a. Mrslove)

an Artist, a Lover, a Mother and a Fool. A tantric practitioner, teacher of Erotic Wisdom and an Explorer of the Tantric Realms for over 15 years. Valentina is an embodied teacher (Dakini) and a devoted student of the

Traditional Kaula-Tantra lineage of Kashmir Shivaism that recognises the body as Vibration,

Space and Celebration of Cosmic Divinity.

Valentina is known for her unique talent in creating safe and sacred spaces where seekers of all ages may claim their own Spiritual Eroticism. With grace, charm and humour, she has guided and supported many men and women on their sacred journey towards themselves. From this place, ultimate Freedom can be experienced as the True Essence of Love – which is the heart of all Tantric teachings.
Her deepest desire is to birth a generation of TRUE LOVERS to populate our Beautiful Planet.

Italian by birth she has been living in Cape Town for over two decades, offering classes,

retreats and private sessions.




Tantrik Mediator
Olivia is a lawyer gone lover offering work in the area of holistic mediation, uncoupling,

the yoga of relationships and Tantra.

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