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Body of Desire

A pre-recorded webinar for Women on Spiritual Eroticism


In this webinar, we will be exploring DESIRE as the Power that kindles our World.

The Sanskrit word "Shakti" translates as Creative Power.

It is this Feminine Power that manifests the Planets,

moves the Oceans and spins the Galaxies.

It is Absolutely Cosmic and at the same time

expresses itself in the minute details of our bodies

and in the experiences of our life -

breath by breath.

It is crucial that our passions and desires

stay alive & burning for the effectiveness and impact

of our Purpose n this life.

$20 || R375

(incl 3% admin fee)


100 minute webinar with teaching, transmission, practice and Q&A session.


Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email where you will be able to download a PDF document, this document will give you access to the video content.

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