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Divine Initiation 

A Deep Immersion into The Erotic mysticism of Shaiva Tantra 
with valentina leo
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Upcoming International Retreat

Limited to 16 participants

   714 June 2025 - Kayaköy, Anatolia -Turkey   | by Application [opens January 2025]


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 Photographer: Ohad Pele 


In this unique training we will journey into the heart of The Spanda-Kārika -a seminal text book of the tantric current know as Kashmir Shivaism or Shaiva Tantra .

We will explore the Sutras in the mornings to stretch the creative Mind and engage in traditional practices that embody, express and expand those teachings in the afternoons and evenings .

In this way we will understand the meaning of Tantra "as a living Philosophy": a Philosophy that is alive in the body

of the practitioner and vibrates the life of the Tāntrika.

 We will understand tantrism by experiencing the teachings as an embodied experience of Reality, 

through the practices of Blissdance , Tandava, Kama Yoga and The Yoga of Touch.

This is an All levels retreat:

Whether you are a New Explorer who is ready to dive deep, a Lover of Truth already in the tantric path or a Practitioner that desired to root its practice into Traditional teachings.

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Our magnificent venue is called YOL GLAMPING.

It’s absolutely exquisite in its simplicity.

We will practice in an outdoor hall, surrounded by mountains.

The accommodation is in Yurts, that are built in a circle around a salt water pool. Perfection.

A basin of salt water in the heart of our gathering.

The venue has a restaurant beautifully nestled under the shade of a loving tree.

It's very popular in the village because the food is exceptionally good and the location is just full of wonder.

"My heart desire is to fill up the retreat with my beloved students that keep inspiring my journey of learning.

My desire is that we will play and pray with full intensity,

without holding anything back. You have been on the path of self discovery for a while already,

and you are a Lover of Truth like me. 

It would be my delight to support you in going deeper into your personal enquiry with the

support of a group of brave lovers. What I ask of You is that you bring all of yourself.

Your beauty, your shadow, your truth and your divine chaos. 

We will dive deep into the realms of Erotic Mysticism as the Heart of all Tantrik teachings . 

Together we can go deeper and expand our experience of being divinely Human."

~ Valentina Leo ~



We will start on 3rd June at 4pm .

Please  arrive/land in the morning/beginning of the day to give yourself time to settle in . 


Day 1 - 6 will include: teachings from the Traditional Tantrik sacred text "The Spanda- Kārika",

practices, satsangs, group sharing, dance, yoga, meditation and outings. 

We will explore the sutras in the morning to stretch the mind and in the afternoon and evening we will engage in the traditional practices that embody and express those teachings.

Day 7 will be dedicated to relaxation, community and integration in the way that feels best for you.

You will be offered half pension (breakfast and lunch or dinner), so that you are free to explore the surroundings

and if you wish, dine by yourself or with other participants in some of the local restaurants.

10th June: End of the retreat.

Breakfast will be served. The check-out of the room is 11am.



A Tantric Revelation that Flows into movements.
Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and the healing science of Ayurveda, this āsanas practice focuses on

intrinsic relaxation of the physical body and the conscious mind. This sequence will meditate you into the Deepest Essence

of your Being, where True Self reveals. From this space of infinite stillness, natural wisdom and authentic expression will arise. (This practice is accessible to all ages and levels of fitness)


a Traditional Tantric Practice from the Kaula Tradition of Kashmir
Perhaps the oldest form of yoga known to us, Tandava is a very slow, mystical dance that leads to the perception

of the Cosmic Body and Attunement to our Infinite Nature . Although very simple to perform,

it expresses the complexity of our living existence.
It’s the dance of true Spontaneity and loving Acceptance of ALL that we are.




The Sacred Art of Kashmiri massage is a Traditional Meditation practice from the Spanda school of Shiva Tantra

that uses touch work as a tool to understand the SELF as Empty Space and Absolute Bliss.

This is an expanded progression of the practice of Tandava, and has the ability to profoundly nourish our nervous systems, to restore our innate sense of belonging, to reset our connection to life at large and

to finally receive our body as an expression of Divine Celebration. Our birthright.




BlissDance is the ART of dancing the Sacred and Sensual as a movement of AWAKENING.

BlissDance is for those yearning for Presence, Freedom and Truth. It is for the brave spiritual warriors

who are not scared to dance their crazy wisdom and the depth of their vulnerability.

It is the dance of True Intimacy with Self.




 An exploration of the refined, subtle movements of Sexual Energy in the body.
These Sensual Meditations will naturally flow out of the āsanas of stillness
and will reveal new pathways for sexual energy to express beyond the gross body.

From this place we can start nurturing a Sensual Relationship with All that surrounds us,

and expand our perception of Sexuality and Reality.  



Valentina Leo - your guide

Spiritual maverick, teacher of Erotic Wisdom and an Explorer of the Tantric Realms for almost 30 years. Valentina is a Dakini ~ holder of the freedom lineage from the Tantric school of Fascinating Wonderment (Vismayo) that spontaneously birth female teachers of the pathless Path.

She is madly in love with the Mystery & the traditional tantric revelations of Kashmir Shivaism.

She is uncensored and untamed. Her teachings are intuitive and direct.

Void of linear evolution, they only require a deep desire to become truly intimate with Reality. It's the mystic path of endless Devotion to the Unknown.

Working with her will require everything of you.

She teaches the Yoga of Presence, Unbounded Freedom and Mystical Union

with the vast Emptiness of pure Space.

Leela Stephanie - organizer

With over 10 years of teaching & performing in Sensual Arts, she uniquely combines body wisdom with her academic, yogic and temple arts training background.


Leela is a certified Sensual Arts, Yoga, Meditation & Mantra teacher, Reiki Master, PNL & Holistic Coach and graduated from the Level 3 of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA)..


As a medicine woman, she helps people to heal, explore and embody their soul’s gifts and humanness - their free, authentic, empowered sexy self in harmony and within unity. This is for Leela the most impactful change one can be and contribute to earth consciousness

and authentic living.


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Ayhan - your host

Hello, I am Ayhan, the Founder of the YOL Glamping, your venue.

The YOL means ‘the Path’ and it symbolises the journey towards our higher self. To realise our essence, to be able to hear it and to be one with it in order to complete our own evolutionary process. 
In Turkish the whole of life t
hat is walked and lived, is called YOL-the Path.

We have 4 pillars in our community:
1-I exist.
2- We are one.
3-What you give you get back.
4-Everything changes except this 3 statements.
Here we support intimate studies for change and transformation. Me and my team, who have experienced the miracle of this transformation, look forward to meeting you in this special work.