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Essence of Desire

A pre-recorded webinar for men on Spiritual Eroticism

In the tantrik tradition, Shakti is the power of creation and Shiva is its essence. 
The essence of creation. The essential nature of all things.

The seed of consciousness that is intrinsic in all things manifested and potential.

In other words we could say that Shiva is the erotic heart of Reality. 

In the light of this teaching, the erotic desire that drives many men’s life,

is not ”inappropriate” neither  “sinful “…

but is the expression of the impeccable perfection of Reality.

Men’s desire to penetrate women is nothing else than

Shiva’s desire to penetrate Form and know Itself. 
It is very unfortunate that we were never taught this at school.

Instead most men were instructed to “get” women,

and “get “something from them: pleasure, power, self-importance, etc…

In truth men can only but offer themselves to a woman.


As consciousness offers itself to Reality as the seed of creation. 
It’s this primordial desire for Life that sparks endless creation.
It is radical that men understand this concept if they are

longing to transform consuming lust and sex addiction into

a devotional practice for spiritual awakening.

I call this Spiritual Eroticism.

$20 || R375

(incl 3% admin fee)


100 minute webinar with teaching, transmission, practice and Q&A session.


Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email where you will be able to download a PDF document, this document will give you access to the video content.

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