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Expanding Intimacy

I invite all the brave couples who desire to make love in raw honesty to join me on this journey

of expanding intimacy.

This container is for couples who long to meet each other in their lovemaking in Truth. This is about using your s3xual relationship as a tool for liberation.

I have noticed that a lot of our relational patterns that hold us back from showing up authentically in our relationships play out in our s3xual interactions. I have seen this on my own life and in many of my sessions. In this container we will be practicing awareness to notice our patterns, learning how to reflect our truth with compassion, practicing to change the patterns that no longer serve us and learn new ways of relating intimately.

When we change the patterns in our lovemaking we change the patterns in our lives. Esther Perel says when someone is s3xually free, they cannot be controlled. So I would like to invite you to join me on an experiment to see: how free are we to be ourselves, how much pleasure are we willing to experience, where are we editing ourselves and how much do we desire to meet our true essence.

It is so beautiful when two people can say to each other: "Hey, I really want to be in my fullest Truth and I desire to meet you in your fullest Truth , so let's go on this journey together". This is what we will be exploring: a practice of reflecting Truth to each other, with compassion....whilst making love.

In this container we will practice, learn, share and grow together. We will co-create a laboratory for

expansion and liberation.

The facilitator – Olivia Krouwkam

I call myself the Tantrik Mediator as I facilitate resolve between parts of people that are in conflict with

their True nature.

I used to be a divorce attorney by trade and turned conflict resolution, communication and relating into my spiritual practice. Tantra, Yoga and Non Violent Communication are the tools that I use to work with the Heart. I am devoted to living a life that is aligned with the Truth of my Heart and the Heart of Reality and I invite others to join me in this dance.


4 week container starting 24 July 2022

We will meet every Sunday evening from 6-8pm


RSA: R2600-00 per couple
International: $220-00

Email: to book

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