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Kama Yoga - Traditional Tantra Yoga MASTERCLASS with Valentina Leo

An immersion to the Traditional Tantrik practice of Kama*Yoga . This Masterclass series will give you the fundamentals to understand the Classical Tantrik Tradition from the lineage of Kashmir Shivaism.


These 3 Masterclasses will open with a short lecture on Traditional Tantra Philosophy and its application to this asana practice.
Each class will focus on one of the pillars of Tantra Yoga :

  • Dharma (divine Purpose & harmonious life flow)

  • Artha (Means to the pursuit of prosperity & wealth)

  • Kama (fulfilment of Desire & the joyful celebration of love)


The actualization of these 3 spiritual goals in human life will naturally lead to Moksha (Liberation).

From the Tantric perspective we cannot attain Moksha itself~ but only the realization that we are ALREADY free.

My intention is to demystify the orgiastic nature of Tantra, and present it for what it really is:

a Spiritual Science and a Philosophy of Inner Freedom.
We will then flow into the TRIDOSHA BALANCING āsana series.
This series is practiced by lying on the floor with plenty of meditative relaxation in between āsanas.

When our bodily system learns to be in a constant state of intrinsic relaxation, it can naturally balance,

self-heal and reintegrate with the Whole.
This yoga can be practiced by everyBODY - regardless of injuries, level of fitness or age.
It's a Tantric Revelation. 

The Yoga of Fascinating WondermentValentina Leo
00:00 / 12:20

What you will receive:

A package with 3 folders, one for each session: Darma, Artha & Kama.

Each folder has two videos: an opening lecture (Satsang) and the Yoga class.

Please follow the sequence suggested as each class flows into the next one.

The Artha yoga session doesn't have a demo of the Yoga Postures,

therefore it is essential to start with the Dharma class.

Once you have done this, you will be able to just follow the verbal direction with ease.



“I think I had very little idea of the true impact this practice was going to have on me. Knowing nothing about Tantra other than what I had read on wikipedia, my mind was truly opened to something whole, beautiful and truly special -and I KNOW I have barely even broke the surface of the practice and philosophy!  I found the experience deeply resonating with something in me and, I think, I may have just found that missing piece in understanding myself and my place on Planet Earth.”  Patrick, Student

"An utterly profound practice, Tantra Yoga takes one to the depths of the body and through that shows how to move in the world . Valentina is a wonderful guide.Very highly recommended.”
SY TZU - Tantrik Shaman & Guide
“I've found Valentina's teaching of Tantra Yoga to be a powerful practice for balancing mind, body and heart. The practice takes you deep into relaxation while also deeply working the body - but somehow that deep, deep letting go is what gives us access to a far greater knowing of our true nature. The letting go is a falling in love with ourselves.“  

Dr. SHAKTI Mari MALAN -  Tantra teacher &Founder of Shakti.Shiva.Academy


R1500-00 // $99

Please note:

The currency of the Credit Card payment portal is set in South African Rand - The fluctuation of the exchange rate will slightly change the dollar price. It's unfortunate but we feel that is another expression of the tantric teachings of the non linearity of life. The Spanda - the divine creative impulse that contract and expands life, is to be found everywhere.

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