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Kissing the Beloved

Tantrik Immersion with Valentina leo 
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3 weeks ~ 6 Sessions
Dates: 11 - 29 April 2024
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In one of the Spanda Sūtras there is a passage in which the Shakti-Goddess of Creation - is referred to with the name of Leilihānāwhich literally means:

'frequently licking or darting out the tongue.'

It is by this action that She dissolves the entire Universe into her own nature, fulfilling Herself.


In the Tandava we give paramount importance to the relaxation of the tongue, in particularly the back of it -where it meets the throat. 

When we do this correctly the back of the neck releases,

the Mind instantly relaxes and the shoulders drop. 

Finally we stop "holding" ourselves with tension,

and we experience an instant sensation of expansion.

The tongue darts into space and we can taste

the delicate flavour of Reality dissolving

the boundaries of our human heart. 

©Art by Senju Shunga




This is an immersion into the Erotic Relationship with the Divine as your primary Lover. A Beloved that is the Quivering Force of Creation.

Our current social sexuality is associated almost exclusively to the genitals, but the realm of EROTIC MYSTICISM gives paramount importance to the KISS with the Beloved.

The Breath of the Divine in all its expression.

In the Erotic Misticysm of Kashmir Shivaism we understand that our relationship with Reality is of an Erotic nature. Erotic implies that all our senses are at play - Touch, Hear, Look, Smell, Taste.

...and the 6th sense: the Sense of Mistery.

Our mouth and toungue are of paramount importance for tasting the essence of Reality.

When we kiss we can taste the invisible inside the body of another.

We can taste success, exhuberance and the feeling of despair, anxiety and fear.

We swallow our pride and all the truths we didnt have the courage to speak.

We can lick the skin of a body, or a fruit or a tree.

We can drink from the waters of life and taste the bitterness of resentment. 

Our tongue gives us continuous information about our environment,

it can taste the sweetness of loving and the sourness of loosing. 

Our eroticism begins with our mouth.

In the foetus the tongue muscular structure starts developing around 4 weeks of intrauterine life.

As a newborn the baby needs to suck in order to feed itself. The mouth is the essential instrument to earn its living. If you have ever observed a baby you can clearly see that everything reality presents to her, she puts in her mouth.

She uses her mouth as a primary organ of learning.

As we grow up the mouth becomes the predominant organ for communication

and survival, through which food and life is swallowed and absorbed. 


...And then comes the Kiss - the survival of a Soul in a Body.

The Kiss develop our sense of Mystery. 

Our mouth is directly connected to our Heart and Sex.

Kissing opens the portal toward the Divine.

It's a direct connection between our human heart and the heart of Reality.

That Divine heart that just loves to love.

Another supreme function for a fully developed human. 

The Beloved is kissing you right now, can you feel it?

This immersion will require deep devotion

toward the relationship you want to culture

with your Erotic Awareness.

You will be forever transformed.


All times in Central European Time & South Africa:

MONDAYS & THURSDAYS -7 to 8:30pm 

 Live Transmissions and spontaneous practices.

We will begin this Wisdom Journey together on

Thursday 11 April @ 7pm,

and we will end on Monday 29 April 2024 @ 8:30pm. 

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded within 24hrs.

All sessions will be Live(no pre- recorded content)

and available for replay for 30 days .




Valentina will use the practice of Tandava as a foundation to teach the Essence of the Erotic Mysticism of Kashmirian Tantra. Her teaching method is intuitive, unplanned,

uncensored and untamed. Void of linear evolution it will spontaneously and intimately meet the arising of the group


As a guideline she will be presenting the teaching content on the Monday session and take questions and reflect/feedback on personal enquiries on the Thursday session.

This immersion is ideal for new students that are curious about the essence of Tantrism as well as seasoned practitioners and teachers that would like to deepen their understanding of the Feminine Tantrik current and refine their skills as facilitators and guides in their own teaching platforms.


In the Thursday session Valentina will be available for direct personal feedback/process to students that will desire it. 


Witnessing this personal feedback dynamics is in its own a mentoring process.

 ©Art by Senju Shunga


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* Seekers of Truth that have already had an experience of Spiritual Awakening and are ready to dive deeper into an intimate embrace with their Essential Nature.
* Yoga Teachers & Spiritual practitioners that are ready to take the plunge into their next level of personal development and embrace the Er0tic Wisd
om that is the essence of the tradition of the Tantrik Yoginis. 
* Students and teachers of the Tantrik path that want to ground themselves into the Traditional Feminine Teachings of the Dakini Lineage.
* Lovers that have lost their loving .These teachings will re-ignite your Divine Desire & your Fascinating Wonderment to be living in a body NOW.
* Personal Empowerment, Spirituality and Sexuality teachers / students / coaches that have been desiring to personally mentor with Valentina Leo.



* you are inspired to live with incandescent passion &

are longing to live your life as the greatest love affair of all.
* you deeply desire to realize yourself whilst living in a body.
* you have fear of dissolution, of being nothing...

because through this work you will realise that you are the supreme Nothingness.
* you have been looking for yourself outside of yourself...and wondering why you keep failing at it?!
* you want to become a Skydancer - a lover clothed in space relentlessly meeting reality with authentic spontaneity & openhearted Freedom.
* you aspire to see everything as Divine Quivering & Creative Pulsation. That Sacred Erotic Tremoring that relentlessly opens up your hearts and genitals. Over and over.


This immersion has no pre-recorded content - ALL the calls are live.

"A tantrik master, is not the yogi that accomplishes complicated yoga asānas, but the one that meets every rising moment with the attitude of Fascinating Wonderment."

~ MrsLove ~

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