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Lingam Worship

with valentina leo

Friday Evening Only

Lingam De-Armouring Demo & Transmission


Love and Devotion as tools for de-armouring and healing.

This initiatory Ceremony is dedicated to the Heart of Man, that expresses itself through the Lingam and penetrate the world with its passion and desire.

Sex begins in the heart . The Lingam is a sacred channel between the invisible (the heart of the Mystery) and the visible (the world of Reality ).

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for male genitals. It translate as “ Wand of Light “.

It is a sacred instrument of the Divine that inseminate the world with

unwavering presence and luminous awareness.


This event is the Opening Ceremony for the weekend Men’s Retreat ,

and is for MEN ONLY.

Valentina will not teach techniques and men will not perform the de-armouring

on each other. They will simply witness the Lingam Worship as an act of prayer and devotion.

It can be attended as a drop-in by any Men that are not participating to the retreat, but still desire to be initiated into the Tantrik ways .

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm

Location: The Center, Noordhoek

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