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OneWorldTantra Fet.jpeg


Purchase Your Ticket HERE

Enter code MRSLOVE at checkout and get 25% discount on your ticket price !

Join us for 7 days and nights this February 25 - March 4 as more than 70 of the world’s top Facilitators share over 200 + hours of live workshops and performances.

For one incredibly low ticket price you will receive all of this:

  • Full Access to the entire live program of 150+ workshops and performances

  • Quality teachings of top facilitators from all over the world

  • Full Access to the Festival community group to meet, connect and share with others just like you!

  • Free Access for a full 60 days after the festival ends to all the workshop recordings

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The Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment is excited to do an online screening of Valentina's documentary at The One World Tantra Online Festival.

A Documentary that feels like and initiation.

A powerful tantric transmission on the teachings of love, life, sex and freedom.

Untamed and uncensored, entranced by the Dakini, Valentina pours her heart open and penetrate your consciousness into a new level of understanding that does not pertain to the logic mind but it's Pure Heart Knowing. This is a movie that will expand your Consciousness.

And your Life.

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