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Penetrating Reality - A Satsang for Men


Beloved Men ,
My desire is to support you in the flowering of your Dark Eroticism. Dark does not mean bad or evil. Dark means dense, like your embodiment. As oppose to Light that is generally associated with Mind/ Spirit. In order to be fully available to your human experience, density and transcendence must find a place of balance in your living, loving heart. In my many years of exploration of human sexuality , I’ve met a multitude of men that although comfortable with the matters of the spirit, are still terrified to express the fullness of their sexual charge. There is always a “dark” piece of their sexuality that is left in the shadow. Deep sexual shame always accompany that one piece and hinders their freedom, in all its expression.
According to the Tantrik tradition of Kashmir, our Eroticism is the portal to the spiritual dimensions . Whatever we leave in the shadow will prevent us from meeting reality with the fullness it deserves. I would be my honour to offer you an opportunity to explore, befriend and resource from your Dark Eroticism. Turn it into a powerful ally on the path towards your Divine Erotic Freedom. 


With Love, 
Valentina Leo


This will be an opportunity to meet an aspect of our eroticism that can be so vulnerable and yet tremendously empowering. There has been a lot of work done with women on sexual awakening and it feels like it is now time to gather the men. Valentina will start with a short introduction with the concept of Spiritual Eroticism according to the Tantrik tradition of Kamshmir Shivaism. The space will then open for questions, personal sharing and reflections .  This meeting could potentially be the 1st of a series (or a birthing of a mentorship program) if there is enough interest in the men for going deeper into the journey of dark eroticism under the guidance of a Dakini. 


Tuesday, 24 May 2022






In-person @ House of Bliss in Fish Hoek




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