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Traditional Tantra Yoga - Kama Yoga #001 [Mango]

Traditional Tantra Yoga - Kama Yoga #001 [Mango]

Traditional Kama Yoga session with Valentina Leo.



$25 // R350



An introductory video in which MrsLove speaks about the practice as well as  two files of the full practice, you can choose to follow the video or the audio.

- Intro to Traditional Kama Yoga (video)

- Kama Yoga Session (video)

- Kama Yoga Session (audio)



Option 1

You can proceed to pay on the website by adding this product to your cart.

At checkout, select YOCO as the payment method.

  • All International Credit / Card payments welcome, select the payment method "Yoco" to complete your purchase.

You will receive a document to download that will give you access the content.


Option 2

You can pay with Paypal:


Please email to receive access to the content. 

Provide your NAME and KAMA YOGA #001.


Please note:

The currency of the Credit Card payment portal is set in South African Rand - The fluctuation of the exchange rate will slightly change the dollar price. It's unfortunate but we feel that is another expression of the tantric teachings of the non linearity of life.

The Spanda - the divine creative impulse that contract and expands life, is to be found everywhere, therefore also in the dance with money.

Our heartfelt invitation is to be flexible and join this dance with us! 



Once you have made your purchase, you will be able to download the content.

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