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Red Dakini Tantra

A  P E R S O N A L   I N T E N S I V E   with valentina leo 
Provisional Dates: 6 - 13 March 2024, South Africa

The Inspiration

We will be naked, like Dakinis, for 6 nights.
We will sleep under the stars, and eat with our hands. 
We will do rituals at night and sleep in the day. 
We will talk to the silence, listen to the whispers of the racing clouds,

and be romanced by the scent of the African soil.
We will play and pray and paint our naked bodies with the colours of our innermost desires.


Red like the raw living Passion of the Dakini,

blue like the Shakti drinking the Sky ,

 black like the Void of fierce compassion that endlessly births existence from its mouth.

This intensive will take you deeper into your innermost self.

The source of your being.

It’s an initiation into the tantrik tradition of Spiritual Wonderment. 

There will be no frills, so escapism, and no distraction from your Unlimited Self. 

We will gather in ritualised actions and we will slumber in the erotic delight

of the sweet non-doing.


This is a living experience.

Valentina will simply follow her intuition and her creativity to serve you the medicine that will support your spiritual expansion .

The environment will be relaxed & schedule-free...

Valentina will take a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 students of all genders and orientations.


Investment prices starts at €1900 p/person. 

(please enquire for South African resident's ZAR rate )



Valentina's presence and personal guidance for the whole duration of this intensive

Accommodation for 6 nights

x1 Prep + x1 Follow Up call on Zoom 



International flight

Transfer to and from the Venue

Food & drinks


Note: we will shop together for our food requirements so that everyone can have what they desire. We will be cooking our own meals, as a group or individually, 

as a spontaneous arising. 


The Invitation

This is a call to humans of power, yogins, facilitators, teachers, artists, coaches, performers, poets, rebels, lovers, leaders, actors, dancers, visionaries , sacred fools and sexuality practitioners that are already dwelling in the realms of Spiritual Eroticism and feel called to be mentored personally by Valentina.


This spiritual laboratory  is for seasoned seekers and adventurous tantrikas that have a deep longing to work intensely and personally with a teacher.


The Dream

Inspired by our childlike innocent eroticism,  uncensored and untamed, we will be singing and dancing, unfolding  our true nature in the bosom of Mother Nature .

We will be working intuitively responding to the arising of the moment. 
There won't be a scheduled plan, because our desire is to culture the courage to truly meet the needs of each humans in the exact moment , as they arise.

This is the true feminine way. 

My dream is to offer you all of myself and my 20 years of Tantrik explorations with the Arts of life.

I trained in classical Indian Temple dance (Odissi), danced and performed with a 4-year-old python,  

painted myself blue and performed as a Shakti in physical theatre, for corporate events, for experimental filmakers,  for weddings and eccentric restaurants.

For 7 years I created and directed an acrobatic dinner theatre show - The Theatre of Dreams - 

that sold out daily and became a prominent South African underground culture.

I have been teaching sexual awakening to women for 2 decades, relentlessly exploring the Tantrik Realms as the Living Theatre of Consciousness.

I am a Mother and an incorrigible Lover ...but more than everything I am the Artist of my own Life.

The past 30 years of my life have taught me that to penetrate the Heart of the tantrik revelations requires the ability to live every moment as the ARTIST of your own Life. 


In this intensive my desire is to bring all of my experience at the service of your Awakening.

You will learn about the classical Tantrik tradition through physical experience.

This is the feminine way of learning, not by feeding the intellect with adds-on,

but unfolding the layers that separates you for the quivering of your essence.


Resting in naked Awakeness - in absolute nudity for the whole duration of this intensive will allow your skin to finally breathe as Space, dissolving the illusionary boundaries of your body and 

experiencing yourself as the Body of the Cosmos. 


Sleeping outdoors will teach you about your infinite and unbounded nature.

Eating with your hands will remind you of the intrinsic eroticism of your life.

Singing into the wind will reveal to you your sacred nature of relentless vibration and cosmic pulsation. 

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 21.17.05.png

The Dance

The main practice we will engage with is The Yoga of Naked Awareness -

how to drink from the Erotic Essence of Reality in Awakened Spontaneity.

In fierce nudity we will practice living & loving together, shedding layers,

letting go of performance, personal narrative & protection.

 Meeting Reality in full Presence & Simplicity.

To support us in this process , we will resource from the practices of this school ,

intuitively and spontaneously.


a Traditional Tantric Practice from the Kaula Tradition of Kashmir
Perhaps the oldest form of yoga known to us,
Tandava is a very slow, mystical dance that leads to the perception of the Cosmic Body and Attunement to our Infinite Nature . Although very simple to perform , it expresses the complexity of our living existence. It’s the dance of true Spontaneity and inner Harmony.



The Sacred Art of Kashmiri massage – is a Traditional Meditation practice from the Spanda school of Shiva Tantra that uses touch work as a tool to understand the SELF as Empty Space and Absolute Bliss. This is an expanded progression of the practice of Tandava, and has the ability to profoundly nourish our nervous systems, to restore our innate sense of belonging, to reset our connection to life  and to finally receive our body as an expression of Divine Celebration. 

It's a rebirthing of ourself into Endless Cosmic Orgasm .


 An exploration of the refined, subtle movements of Sexual Energy in the body.
These Sensual Meditations will naturally flow out of the āsanas of silence & stillness
and will reveal new pathways for sexual energy to express beyond the gross body. From this place we can start nurturing a Sensual Relationship with All that surrounds us, and expand our perception of Sexuality and Reality.  


Tantra teaches that there is only You. And your perception of Reality.

Nothing else truly Exists.
With this understanding Self-Loving becomes the the greatest act of

Worship to the Grace of Existence.
Love is nothing else than Life Force expressing herself through you, AS YOU.

Possibly the only real purpose for being alive.


The infinite quietude of the land leads effortlessly toward the infinite silence of the Self.

We will spend time in ritualistic silence, allowing for the inner quiet to be reveal.

blue dakini .jpeg

Requirements & Expectations

A certain level of self awareness and the ability to hold yourself in your own processes are required.

Some familiarity with yoga, meditation and self development work is useful.

A deep willingness to know yourself and explore your own depth is essential.

A solid commitment to your awakening is mandatory.

This intensive is NOT for beginners.

chamunda .jpg
"There are few offerings in the whole wide world that delivers so much life in such a short span of time.

Valentina gives all of herself to make one feel all of oneself, and I was infected forever.

Money comes and goes, but this experience still resonates with me many years later.
I love you Valentina." 

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