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Valentina's offerings at Retreat Yourself:

The Tantrik Experience for couples:

When you look into the eyes of your lover and see your Divine Self you finally dwell in Being and not Doing. Human Sexuality can then be experienced as Infinity in the finite body. With an exquisite blend of ancient teachings, contemporary practices and embodiment of Tantric transmissions, Valentina will take you into a journey towards the centre of your being: where time expands into Infinite Perfection. This is an opportunity to explore yourself and each other with curiosity and devotion.


A Tantric Revelation that Flows into movements.
Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and the healing science of Ayurveda, this āsanas practice focuses on intrinsic relaxation of the physical body and the conscious mind. This sequence will meditate you into the Deepest Essence of your Being, where True Self reveals. From this space of infinite stillness, natural wisdom and authentic expression will arise.
(This practice is accessible to all ages and levels of fitness)



A Traditional Tantric Practice ,perhaps the oldest form of yoga known to us,
Tandava is a very slow, mystical dance that leads to the perception of the Cosmic Body and Attunement to our Infinite Nature . Although very simple to perform , it expresses the complexity of our living existence. As a tantric practice of totality, it can catalyse the experience of Spiritual Arousal


Yoni Wonderment: A Tantrik Initiation for Women

The Yoni is the cosmic gate through which we are all born. It is a portal to our inner chambers and an expression of our hearts. 

Yoni Wonderment is a Tantrik Initiation into the Fascinating World of Yoni. An opportunity for women to celebrate their feminine essence and use their sexuality as a tool for self Realization. A blend of tantrik meditations, breathwork and sharing as sisters in circle. 

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The Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment is excited to do an online screening of Valentina's documentary at The One World Tantra Online Festival.

A Documentary that feels like and initiation.

A powerful tantric transmission on the teachings of love, life, sex and freedom.

Untamed and uncensored, entranced by the Dakini, Valentina pours her heart open and penetrate your consciousness into a new level of understanding that does not pertain to the logic mind but it's Pure Heart Knowing. This is a movie that will expand your Consciousness.

And your Life.

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