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An Intimate Initiation for Men


with Valentina Maria Leo

& Justin Ya’acov Friedman 

I am delighted to announce this extraordinary collaboration between myself and Justin Ya’acov Friedman to explore the intimate power that is held in the body of a man when he surrender to his vulnerable feminine essence.

Our vision is to create a container held by Unwavering Presence , where men can explore and initiate themselves into an intimate relationship with themselves, the tenderness of their loving heart  and the erotic power of Reality.


Our desire is to support men to be-come refined Lovers of Life.
With all that She brings and with all that She blesses.

Our belief is that you are already a Diamond Heart , our job is to help you polish it.

these are some of the theme we would like to explore:

Brotherhood as a re-source 

How to find the pearl that is alive at the heart of every conflict between us humans.

A mini vision quest in the nature of Reality 

Exploring and Embody the essence of your Feminine Force
Learning to share Power 

Revealing the Sacred in our Sexuality

Developing devotion towards our erotic desires.

Eroticism as a spiritual practice.  

the venue:

The Venue is 2.5 hrs drive from Cape Town and she will embrace us with her wild nature to support our journey towards our undomesticated, unbroken essential nature. 

PROVVISIONAL DATES >>>28 November  - 2 December  2024

Price to be confirmed.

If you feel a tender calling to join us in this intimate laboratory of love, please fill up the form below and you will be the first to be notified once all the details are confirmed.

Thank you, we will be communicating with you very soon!

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