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The Erotic Heart

A pre-recorded webinar

The Erotic Heart is the heart of the Mystic who gives it all.

No half way. Not just dipping the toes in but diving head first, heart first, totally into the mystery.
Willing to risk it all. This online experience is an invitation for Devoted Travellers of inner landscapes and Mystical Explorers of inward journeys.

€40 || R820


This package contains the recording of a Live event from 2020.

The full session is 2 hours, it is broken into 4 parts as follows:


Part 1:

Embody the Erotic Heart - Tandava Session introduction to the Feminine current of teaching

Part 2:

Sharing and Reflections from Mrs Love

Part 3:

Wild Wisdom of Yoginis - Introductions and Description and Symbology of the Red Yogini,

essential in this Tantric current of Kashmir Shaivism 

Part 4:

Songs of LALLA - readings of the poetry of Lalla, poetress and tantric mystic from Kashmir.


Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email where you will be able to download a PDF document, this document will give you access to the video content.


Purchase Note:

If you are paying internationally, please proceed to make payment via our website.

*** Please be aware that You will be charged in South African Rand currency for the equivalent + admin fees.

Know that we are doing our best to keep the Rand exchange up to date to the currency fluctuation,

but unfortunately some days we will be slightly off the mark.

Please allow for some fluctuation, as an expression of the SPANDA *** 

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