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The Yoga of Sex

(self study for singles and couples)


This is an opportunity to explore yourself and each other with curiosity and devotion.

Whether as a couple or single, the practices will invite you into deeper union with Self.


This is the essential ground work if you are searching for Truth and have finally realised you will never find it outside of yourself. If you are ready to embrace yourself as the greatest love affair of your life. If you wanna be a Lover but you have lost your loving ...and you've  exhausted yourself by searching for it inside a body of another. In this course you will find basic tantrik practices to establish the foundation for true Self Love. Because you cannot give what you don't have .
It will be challenging, exciting, terrifying and absolutely rewarding!

What you will receive:

The most profound teachings on intimacy and sex with Reality that this school has on offer.


A package with 5 videos: 3 teaching sessions + 2 Q&A sessions.

This is a recording from an online retreat, we have included the Q&A session as it contains really valuable content that we feel would apply to many.

This course has enough content for you to run a 3 weeks self study course.

Watch one teaching video p/week. 

Take a whole week to do the practice, reflect , journal , watch the Q&A sessions , practice again… and again - and talk about it with your partner(if you are a couple )or with intimate friends. Lets take self loving out of the closet ! 


Remember that we master by practicing ! 
Once is never enough! - the body learns by repetition.

It is of radical importance that you deepen the erotic relationship with yourself BEFORE you engage with your partner/s. This is the essence of this work. So that your relating with the “other“ is born out of a desire to celebrate the richness of your sexuality and not from a desperate need to receive what you cannot give to yourself . 

If you are taking this course as a couple, my suggestion is that you go through the whole course content by yourself first . Watch the videos together, talk about what got aroused  or triggered in you,  but  take the  whole week to do the practice alone, by yourself. 

After 3 weeks of personal devotion you can repeat the content practicing together.

You will notice a deeper richness in this exchange.
Use each other bodies as tools for worshipping the Divine within you both. 
Enjoy the lovemaking that will be created by this new found intimacy with your own divine sexuality, with each other, and with Reality.

These practices will infuse your lovemaking for the rest of your life!

If you are taking this course as a single, you will finally have an opportunity to fall in love with yourself . To explore your deepest desires and longings and celebrate loving THE ONE  that is always in communion with yourself - you very own heart.

You will bring this new intimate self into any relationship that you are having already with your family , your children , your work, your friends and your lovers. Don’t feel pressurized to have a partner in order to enter this journey. In my experience this work is much more powerful when met by oneself first. The most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself. So take this seriously and begin this lifelong love affair with the one that is here and willing to love more, feel more and get to know him/her-self as Life force moving and creating the world.


One breath at the time.





“Yesterday was a powerful session, I connected to the body very deeply and in the evening I fucked my woman to Heaven!! it was intense, passionate, powerful and devotional! thank you for giving the permission to let my tiger out of the cage…

- Chacko, Tantra Teacher

"I loved the embodied sacredness you are transmitting in your being and your teachings. I

how nourishing and liberating your offerings are in these times, and in all times. it has been so profound to be able to do the practices at home and regularly. you share with us the deepest truths, and so simply."

- Jay J, Student

"Thank you again for your courage to shown up in my life!  And for listening inward. I think the most profound insights were that I can be with myself and another in all my essence, which includes my messiness, fears and insecurities - and when I become aware of them and can see them transform! "

- Milandre, Seeker  & Lover (60 y/o)


"Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate @the Yoga of Sex. Thank you for creating the space to allow the shameful, the hidden, the agonizing as well as the exquisite, the subtle and the joyful to emerge and be felt. It has opened a flow for my partner and I ... tears of suppressed anger and gratitude... thank you.
I feel very fortunate and grateful that you have been such an inspiration and support on this continuing journey of extagony. "

- Phil, University Professor of Science


€126 | R 2600


Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email where you will be able to download a PDF document, this document will give you access to the video content.

Purchase Note:

If you are paying internationally, please proceed to make payment via our website.

*** Please be aware that You will be charged in South African Rand currency for the equivalent + admin fees.Know that we are doing our best to keep the Rand exchange up to date to the currency fluctuation, but unfortunately some days we will be slightly off the mark.  Please allow for some fluctuation, as an expression of the SPANDA *** 

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