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BlissDance Monthly
with valentina leo

aTiger Dance Immersion


Our Monthly Blissdance in June will be a special immersion dedicated to the passionate and powerful

TIGER DANCE . This is a dance that requires time to deepen with, and we never get the chance to do it in our regular classes. It will be a spectacular laboratory where love will meet your fears of confrontation. You will be able to explore conflict with an open heart and experience assertion of power as a shared experience.

It also invites the blissful sensuality that all big cat naturally embody,

and harmonise power play with sensual connection. MIAO 🐾


This Laboratory of Embodied Intimacy is responding to the desire for longer classes with more space for integration and reflections.

BlissDance is a true Laboratory of Love -an adventurous exploration for seekers of truth, coaches and practitioners that are working with embodiment, sexuality, expanded intimacy and life vocations . 

It will also be a great entry into Tantrik work for absolute beginners, and a restful place for seasoned teachers and practitioners that are longing to just be in the quiet company of their deepest selves.

BlissDance is for couples that want to expand their relationship and rekindle their sexual fire, as well as singles that want to explore and experience  themselves in connection with others. 


BlissDance is Open to all sexual orientations and gender identifications.

No previous experience (nor nudity) is required, nor expected.  

A deep willingness to know yourself and explore your own depth is essential.



Saturday, 17 June 2023

3pm - 6pm


Kalk Bay Community hall



Email for enquiries.

* Please do not contact Valentina personally via email or WhatsApp *

BlissDance Calendar of Events:

Saturday 29 July | 4 to 6pm

Saturday 26 August  |4 to 6pm 

Friday 22 September | 7 to 9pm 

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