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Yoni Worship

with valentina leo

You can attend this Ceremony as a drop-in event.

Love & Devotion as tools for de-armouring and healing.

This initiatory Ceremony is dedicated to the Heart of WOMAN, that expresses itself through the YONI and opens to the world with the passion of her desire.

Sex begins in the Heart.

The Yoni is the sacred altar at the entrance of the Temple of Love.

The labia are the curtains that reveals the expression of the invisible (the heart of the Mystery) into the visible (the world of Reality ).

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for Vagina. It translate as “ the Source “.

The source of life, the source of love, the source of the mystery teachings. 

Your Yoni has the power to birth your heart desires into manifestation.

If you want to know the secrets of Life, you have to bow to the Yoni.

This event is the Opening Ceremony for the weekend Women’s Retreat,

and it's for WOMEN ONLY.

Valentina will not teach techniques and the women will not perform the Puja on each other. They will simply witness the Yoni Worship as an act of prayer and devotion.

This Ceremony can be attended as a drop-in by any Women that are not participating to the retreat, but still desire to be initiated into the Tantrik ways .

This Ceremony of Love is open to all the Women

that long to pray at the Altar of Life ❤️

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm

Location: The Center, Noordhoek

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